Health Services Administration with a Business Minor





Leadership position, jobs and organizations involved in:

  • Bobcat Student Orientation Leader
  • Learning Community Leader
  • CLDC Student Ambassador
  • Director of Marketing and Recruitment for the OU Society of Health Administration
  • Secretary for Phi Chi Theta
  • ImPRessions
  • University Program Council, Communications Team


Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

Having the opportunity to help first year students adjust to college life through being a BSO leader and a Learning community leader.  It was extremely rewarding to play an integral role in their transition into college.


Best OHIO Memory:

Move-in day my freshman year.  I just had an overwhelming feeling that my life was about to change forever and it was really special.


Biggest quirk:

I am obsessed with avacados.  I eat them constantly.


Role model:

My dad.  Ever since I was really young he taught me to go above and beyond in everything that I do.  I have learned immensely by his example and have tried to live my life that way day by day.  He helped me to become who I am.


What makes a leader:

A willingness to help others.  Leadership is nothing if you don’t have a team to collaborate with and that will help you when you need it.


Favorite quote:

“Life begins after coffee.” (I am also a coffee addict)



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