You’ve been vigorously searching for a full-time job or internship all year and it feels as though you’ve finally found a good fit for you.  You got an interview and it went well!  Anxiously, you await their feedback, clinging to the hope that you’ll receive an offer and your stressful job search will finally come to an end.  However, when you get the call you’ve been waiting for, you learn they’ve hired someone else…UGHHH!

This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. However, instead of letting the rejection get you down, here’s how to bounce back:

Do not see rejection as proof that something is wrong with you!

Keep your confidence up and realize that no one is perfect!  You have no way of knowing who you were up against and this position simply might not have been the best fit for you! Don’t get down on yourself.  Rather, use this experience to grow and move forward.

This may not really be the end.

Look at it this way — you gained a powerful connection within that organization during your interview.  Use it!  If you really like the organization, another opportunity may arise down the road and you’ll want to maintain the relationship to keep you on their radar.

So, here’s what you do:

  1. Send them a thank you note or follow-up email.  Express your gratitude for their consideration and that you enjoyed having the chance to meet them.
  2. Ask for feedback. See what factors went into their decision not to hire you and what you could improve on to become a better candidate.  If they respond, you could learn a lot!

Most importantly…

Practice makes perfect.  You may not have gotten this one, but each interview serves as a test-run for an opportunity down the road that will be the perfect fit for you! After a rejection, you’re one step closer to an acceptance, so keep trying!

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