Political Science and Strategic Communication Major





Leadership positions, jobs, and organizations involved in:

  • Delta Gamma: Past positions include Director of Public Relations and Vice President of Programming
  • Ohio University Event Services: Event Management Assistant and Gust Services Assistant
  • Rho Lambda Nation Leadership Recognition Society


Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

Organizing a campaign for my sorority, Delta Gamma titled “We Are Not Our Stereotypes.” The campaign featured a photo series of women in our chapter who collectively worked together to bring attention the falsehood of so many stereotypes typically associated with sorority women. It was extremely humbling to see national media outlets such as The TODAY Show, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, and Mashable recognize the women of our chapter for standing up for something we strongly believe in. Seeing a simple idea stem into such a powerful message that reached people across the nation is something I will never forget!


Best OHIO memory:

Though it is hard to choose, as I have had so many amazing OHIO memories, my favorite OHIO memory has been working for Event Services. My time in Event Services provided me with the opportunity to see the reward of working in the field of student affairs – so much so that I plan to attend graduate school next year to pursue a master’s degree in Higher Education. My supervisors in Event Services encouraged me and supported me to grow as a leader in the field, without them and the opportunity to work in a job I love, I would never have found a new career path I am truly passionate about!


Biggest quirk:

I have a huge passion and love for politics and actually enjoy watching the news every single day!


Your role model and why:

My parents. They are such incredible people who work so hard to give me endless opportunities to live a happy life. I admire who they are as individuals and they inspire me to always be the best version of myself.


What makes a leader: 

A leader is someone who strives to consistently provide a supportive and welcoming environment for those they lead.  A leader should always lead by example, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of those they lead in order to provide rtgh

A leader is someone who strives to consistently provide a supportive and welcoming environment for those they lead. A leader should always lead by example by recognizing the strengths and weakness of those they lead in order to provide them with endless opportunities for success.


Favorite quote:

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn


I am a strong believer in happiness is the key to success. People must strive to find what makes them happiest in their lives  in order to live the most fulfilling, successful and rewarding life possible.

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