Bobcats, what if I told you there was a website full of recruiters that are specifically looking to hire students from Ohio University?

We all know that the job search can be stressful and frustrating…so why wouldn’t you use that resource?

It’s time to wake up and smell the Bobcat CareerLink !!

Bobcat CareerLink is your one-stop-shop for internships, full-time positions, fellowships, leadership programs, and MORE!

Here are just a few reasons why you need to be utilizing this platform to the fullest:

  1. You can create a profile so that all of your information and updated resume is easily accessible.
  2. You are able to sift through hundreds of job openings that are looking to hire Bobcats.
  3. You can conduct an advanced search to narrow the list down to your education, location, salary, industry, and job function needs.
  4. Once you find a position, all you need to do is click “Apply” and your profile information will go directly to that employer.
  5. You can ‘favorite’ job listings to organize the ones that you find appealing.
  6. The website keeps track of where you’ve applied, the application status, and interview schedules.
  7. You can connect it to your LinkedIn.
  8. There’s a calendar of events that can keep you up to date on things you can attend in order to get ahead in your career!

To summarize…Bobcat Career Link is easy, efficient, helpful, and a no-brainer! 

Create or update your profile today and chase your dream job!


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