It’s that time of year again. Next Tuesday is our Spring Career and Internship Fair!

We have 119 companies coming, and one of them could be your future employer…but only if you make sure to check off everything on this list!

__  Get your best business professional outfit ready to go following all the basic guidelines listed on our professional dress online resource.

__ Make sure to purchase or borrow a pad folio to hold paper materials, pens, a notebook, etc.

__ Print out multiple copies of your most up-to-date resume and keep them in mint condition.

__ Look at the list of companies attending and make a game plan for which you’ll talk to.

__ Research these companies so you can impress their recruiter with your knowledge and ask insightful questions — Don’t ask questions that can be answered online!

__ Prepare and practice your best elevator pitch .

__ Have a notebook to jot down notes after each conversation with a recruiter so that you can write personalized, thoughtful follow-up emails.

__ Keep your body language in mind — Super hero posing before entering the fair can improve your confidence and success.

__ Have breath-mints on hand — You don’t want your bad breath to be the impression left behind.

__ Be confident and enthusiastic.

If you can check off each item on this list, you are ready to take on the career and internship fair! 

good luck





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