We all know about Ohio University’s party-school reputation and the bad stigma attached to it.  We all know about the Halloween block party, fest season, and our booming bar scene.  We’ve all received taunting from relatives—“Ooooh, Ohio University, isn’t that the number one party school?”— and to them, we say, so what?!

Yes, we attend a university with a booming social scene, but Ohio University is MUCH more than that!  Not only is OU an exceptional place to build friendships and learn about yourself, but it is also a premier institution with so many outstanding programs to offer.

So, next time someone gives you a hard time about our party-school status, here’s what you tell them…

  1. We offer a large variety of academic paths, including 9 undergraduate colleges and 300 programs of study.
  2. The Scripps School of Visual Communication ranked top 3 in the country.
  3. Our College of Arts & Sciences has a Nobel-prize winning alum.
  4. Our faculty cares deeply about the advancement of our student body, working with them hands-on and encouraging them to hold leadership positions throughout their undergraduate careers.
  5. Our Honors Tutorial College gives elite students the opportunity to move beyond the traditional classroom, individualize their coursework, and receive a one on one education in the tradition of British Universities in Oxford and Cambridge.
  6. The College of Business ranked 14th best value nation-wide for cost and quality.
  7. Our prestigious Schey Sales Centre is one of the Nation’s first and highest ranked college sales programs, with 99% job placement post-grad.
  8. The School of Media Arts and Studies offers one of the nation’s first cutting-edge Social Media Certificate programs.
  9. We support nearly 500 annually recognized student organizations, existing in a variety of interest areas.
  10. Our facilities are some of the most technologically advanced and environmentally conscious around the nation.

Although we can’t deny that the party-school status has some truth to it, we CAN prove that students are here for far more than that.

What’s so bad about working hard and playing hard?

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