Major: MIS & Marketing


Year: Junior


Leadership positions and organizations involved in:

  • Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice President
  • Baker University Center, Building Manager
  • AITP, Active Member
  • Ohio Women in Business, Active Member

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

I would say my biggest accomplishment as a student leader has to be the first leadership position I acquired as the Director of Marketing for Delt12250056_10209229205065215_5250207751601766667_na Sigma Pi. Taking the first step and putting myself out there with ideas for the fraternity was very exciting. I was able to express my creativity with a fantastic student executive board. I have never thought of myself as a good public speaker and I still get nervous speaking in front of large audiences. However, this position gave me that extra push and grew my confidence that lead me to be able to take on more roles and eventually lead me to my current position in the fraternity.


Best memory at OHIO:

My best memory, and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of Bobcats, is homecoming weekend. For the three I’ve been a part of I don’t think one has necessarily topped the other, they are all equally some of the best memories I’ve had at Ohio University. The Saturday of homecoming weekend is like Christmas morning and I’m sure my last one as an undergrad next year will be extremely bittersweet. Being at a school that celebrates homecoming and the return of alumni as much as we do is really something to be proud of.


Biggest quirk:

I casually slip in quotes from The Office in my everyday conversations. I get really excited when people understand the references I make and know every episode front and backwards like I do.


Your role model and why:

My role model is Taylor Swift because she is just the perfect human. She’s inspired me to always “do the right thing” and be kind to every person. How could you not love her?


What makes a leader?

Being a good leader may come naturally for some people, but for me I didn’t start with all of the skills I have now. Each semester at Ohio University has further developed me professionally through either student organizations, work, or school related experiences. So with that being said I think time and real world experiences make a great leader. Being able to admit when you are wrong and having the ability to delegate tasks across a board of people can be challenging. I believe my job as aIMG_0794 building manager at Baker has contributed the most to my leadership skills. Being in charge of a student staff that produces every event that happens in the building is time consuming, and as you can imagine, things go wrong very frequently in the Ballroom. Handling stressful situations that arise in the building and solving them with a dedicated staff is one of the most rewarding things I’ve been a part of.


Favorite Quote:

“Let it Be” – The Beatles

Whenever I feel stressed or weighed down, one of the best Beatles song helps lift me back up.

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