Winter break is coming up and you simply can’t wait for a month at home to relax and unwind from the past semester.  However, a few weeks go by, and you realize that you’ve just finished re-watching the entire series of Lost and haven’t changed out of your pajamas in three days.

Home is NOTHING like Court Street—You have the winter break boredom blues.

Here are 5 ways to cure this inevitable disease:

Go to

This is LITERALLY a website constructed solely for people in your situation.  With links ranging from “Bird With Arms” to “People Dancing at Concerts,” this website is sure to entertain your brain.

Get outside!

The winter season is full of activities that will get you out of the house.  Go ice skating with friends.  Look at Christmas lights downtown.  Go on a hike with your dog.  These are just a few possibilities guaranteed to get you some fresh air.

Clean up around the house

I know, I know…this doesn’t sound like the most exciting way to fix your boredom.  However, doing a little something extra around the house is a great way to give back to your parents for all they do for you! It will make them happy and it will make you feel productive.

Experiment with cooking

Break is the best time to try new recipes or invest a whole day in perfecting a dish.  Use the free time at home to make a three-course meal for yourself because we all know you are going to be living off of pizza rolls when you get back to school.

Send hand-written letters

Who doesn’t love getting mail? …Exactly. Send letters, poems, postcards, or drawings to your long-distance friends.  This will not only make their day but will also give you something to do besides obsessively refreshing your Instagram feed.

Well, there you have it.  If you are feeling the mid-break lull and need something to occupy your time, one of these options is sure to do the trick!

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