Major: Marketing & Data Analytics14677_635191680172525311_20130414_cob_honors_stephanie_maciag


Minor: Fashion Merchandising, Sales Certificate


Leadership positions and organizations involved in:

  • Delta Sigma Pi:

-Active Member since fall 2012

-Senior Vice President 2015

-Director of Special Events 2014

  • Ralph & Luci Schey Sales Centre:

-Member since fall 2014

-Account Manager 2015

  • College of Business Honors Program:

-Inaugural Class member since fall 2012

-Promotions Team Lead

  • College of Business Graduate Programs

-Office Assistant since fall 2012


 Best memory at OU:

One of my favorite memories at OU was my first homecoming weekend freshman year. Being the fall of my first semester in Athens, everything was still very new and unfamiliar to me. I knew Ohio University was the school for me, but yet I was still feeling a little bit homesick. I’ll never forget walking uptown during that Friday of homecoming weekend and seeing all of the alumni walking around on court street. Athens always has a great feel, but the energy buzzing through the town that weekend was indescribable. There were tons of people ages 1-99, and all of them were completely in their element. The people I saw and met that weekend made me truly understand how magical of a place Athens is. Now as a senior, it is my hope that all future bobcats get to experience that same excitement and energy, so they too can be confident in calling Athens, hOUme.11846717_10207656463835543_5387420620367994533_n


Your role model and why:

Ever since I can remember I’ve looked up to my older brother, Matt. He is selfless, level-headed, driven and one of those people that can get you to laugh out loud at any hour of the day. Matt is also a Bobcat, and ultimately the reason I am at Ohio University. Back when I was in high school, my brother would return home on breaks and share stories of his time in Athens. I was constantly blown away by the opportunities he was given, the experiences he was having, and the incredible friendships he was building. Hoping for a similar undergrad experience, I followed in his footsteps and enrolled at Ohio University.

In addition to the fact that we are both Bobcats, I admire Matt for the successes he’s had in both the personal and professional aspects of his life. When I was very young, Matt was the big brother I hoped to be like. Years later as an adult, Matt is not only that but he is my sounding board, best friend, and no doubt the first person I call for advice and guidance. Matt will always be my role model for his accomplishments, his incredibly positive and genuine demeanor and also of course, for being a Bobcat.


Favorite quote:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” –Thomas Edison


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