Major: Applied Nutrition – Concentration in Dietetics

Year: Junior

Leadership positions and organizations involved in:
-Nutrition Club : President and have been on the executive board for three years – was VP and Public Relations Chair
-Student Alumni Board: Project Manager
-Black Sheep Improv
-Blue Pencil Comedy
-Learning Community Leader for two years
-Bobcat Student Orientation Leader

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:
Last year i won the outstanding learning community leader award. I was one of four recipients to win out of all the learning community leaders on campus. I won because I recognized my students individually and got to know them personally and professionally. For Halloween, I made them each an individual note to recognize each student’s strengths and How much I believe in them. Also, to remind them that their handwork is noticed and appreciated.

In addition to this, I just ran for President of nutrition club and it has shown me how much i enjoy being a leader.

Best memory at OU:
My best memory at OU has been every single Black Sheep Improv show I ally1have been a part of because it has helped me develop communication skills and has helped me define who I am as a person. Improv is a part of me. Creating something out of nothing on a stage in front of hundreds of people might seem terrifying. However, I find it liberating. I can say whats on my mind and leave stresses behind. It has made me fall in love with public speaking and become comfortable in my own skin.
Improv and Stand Up comedy has helped me become a leader and prompted me create another great memory at OU.  I auditioned to be the emcee at the YELL LIKE HELL pep rally.  For this year’s homecoming, I was in front of thousands, speaking, dancing, and meeting amazing people. I would love to relive that night again and I never would have gotten there without Improv.

Your role model and why:
My role models change constantly. I cant decide on one individual person that I look up to.
Truly, I just admire everyone for their strengths and want people to be the best possible versions of themselves.
Some people like the advisor of Student Alumni Board, Katrina Heilmeier, Diane Keaton, and Christa Cocomelli inspire me and encourage me to become the best person I can be.

Favorite quotes:
“Eat your greens” – Me
“There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do” – Amy Poehler
“Be fearless in what sets your soul on fire”- Unknown


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