Name, Major, Year: 

  • Andre Whiteleatherandre 1
  • Finance and Marketing Majors and Professional Sales Certificate
  • Junior


Leadership positions and organizations involved in:

  • Director of Partner Relations, The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre
  • Treasurer, College of Business Connect
  • Executive Board, College of Business Honors Program
  • Member of the Ohio University Cheerleading Team
  • Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society


Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

I would say one of my biggest accomplishments as a student leader was executing a newly established position as the Director of Social Events, in the Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre during my sophomore year. It was one of my biggest accomplishments as a student leader as I was able to plan and organize many fun events and activities for Schey Sales Centre candidates that had not been done prior. It really brought our program more together as a team and family, which helped us all grow personally as well as professionally through building a larger network. I received so much positive feedback from my peers and faculty in the Schey and I had a lot of fun doing it. Through my hard work it also helped me achieve my next position of becoming the Director of Partner Relations this year.


Best memory at OHIO:

Wow this is a tough one, as for anyone that knows me, knows I really love Ohio University. One of my best memories at OHIO would have to be opening week/weekend this year. It was the best feeling to move back to Athens and be moving into a house with seven of my best friends. We had so much fun together and it felt so good to be back walking around in andre 3.JPGwarm and sunny Athens, going to all my favorite places, getting my favorite Athens foods, and running into all the great people I have met in college that I hadn’t got to see much or at all over the summer. Opening week/weekend is always my favorite but having our own house this year and as I get older and know more people, each year coming back to Athens has gotten even sweeter.


Biggest quirk:

I cannot leave the house without making my bed. Knowing I have a clean and organized room starts my day with a positive state of mind and also creates me to be more organized, energized, and ready to take on each day to the fullest. I think it also reminds me that little things matter – I am very detail oriented.


Your role model and why:

I am lucky to say I have many role models in my life. My biggest role models would have to be my immediate family. My mom, because she is my number one fan and biggest supporter. She always has said life is a daring adventure or nothing (Helen Keller) and has instilled that in me to always give it my all and take advantage of opportunities given to me. My dad, because he is one of the hardest workers I know. Although he is one of the busiest people I know, we still manage to talk on the phone basically every day. My sister as she is one of the strongest people I know – she is not scared to speak her mind and will defend her family and friends to the end. She also does a killer job in proof reading papers. And lastly my brother – an OHIO alum, who I look up to professionally and personally. I go to him for advice with job opportunities and academia. He continuously strives to step out of his comfort zone and loves learning, which is very inspiring, as you never can know too much about the world. All of these people continuously teach me something new and have all helped round me out to be the person I am today.


What makes a leader?

I don’t think having a title necessarily makes an individual a leader. What makes a good leader is having initiative to do what is right and best for the team, ensuring everyone has a voice, being able to bring out the best characteristics out of people, and creating a positive environment for all to share. A good leader absorbs what is being said and does their best at helping create what needs done in a positive and efficient manner.

andre 4.jpg

Favorite Quote:

“Live to live and you will learn to live” -Portuguese Proverb

I learned this quote at the beginning of my journey on Semester at Sea when taking port in Lisbon, Portugal. I really like this quote as it reminds me to live to the fullest and do what makes you happy and you then will truly then learn what life is all about.



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