Year: Junior

Major: Actuarial Science
Leadership positions and organizations that you are involved in: 
Student Senate- Treasurer
Student Alumni Board- Vice President of Finance
Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:
Running a successful campaign as a student senate executive was increidbley rewarding and was probably my biggest accomplishment as a student leader. The SOS team worked very hard to get our message out to students, and when students came back with overwhelming support for us it was incredible. I’m super excited to continue acting on the missions we ran on!
 hannah clouser
Best memory at OHIO:

This is always the hardest question to answer! Homecoming is always a really great time because you get to see so much love for OU in one place, but a more personal memory for me is the moment the election results were announced this past spring. As I said before, the ticket I ran on had ran an extremely successful campaign and had taken 30 out of 34 seats in Senate. It was a result no one expected, and a moment of completely joy and excitement for what was  to come. I was surrounded by some of the best student leaders on this campus, many of whom today are some of my closest friends, and we all were ready to take on the future. I will never forget that moment!

Biggest quirk:
I love to dance, but I’m very awful at it. I’ve been told it’s quite humorous to watch.
Your role model and why:
My mom. She works in criminal justice, a primarily male field, and has excelled since she began. She is now the warden at a women’s prison in Cleveland, yet she also dedicates so much time to her friends and family. She’s the perfect example of a working mother who can excel both in the workplace and at home, and I only hope to be half the women she is one day!
  hannah 3
What makes a leader?
I believe that a leader is someone who knows their own strengths and can inspire others. I do not believe you need to know everything to be a good leader, but rather know how to maximize those around you to make the best team possible. A great leader is one who can make others feel important while completing tasks in the most efficient and effective ways possible.
Favorite Quote:
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss

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