Halloween is here and you and your friends are getting ready to go out and enjoy the Athens festivities.  You’ve spent a lot of time putting together your costume and you love the way it’s turned out.  You can’t wait to debut your costume at the Court Street block party and show all your friends on social media….But, wait! Before you post pictures of your Halloween celebrations, think about how it will affect your future career.


When posting on various social media platforms, it is important to consider the impression your content will make on possible employers.  A 2014 Social Recruiting study shows that 93% of hiring managers will review a candidate’s social profile before making a hiring decision, and of that percentage, 55% have reconsidered a candidate based on what they find.  Don’t let your future career slip away because of an avoidable social media flub.

Here are some tips for social media usage during holiday festivities:


  • Don’t convey use of alcohol- Whether it is explicitly shown or implied in a photo, leave the drinking out of it!
  • Don’t use inappropriate language- Remember that you’re being judged based on professionalism and one little word or phrase could turn an employer off.
  • Don’t display revealing clothing- Although your attire is completely your decision, be aware that employers will make a snap judgment on you so dress according to how you want to be viewed.
  • Don’t be too opinionated- We all have our views but be wary of showing them too outwardly on social media, this could also be a turnoff for employers.


  • Do play it safe- Always air on the side of caution.  If you are on the fence about whether or not a post is inappropriate, it’s better to just opt out.
  • Do showcase your personality- Just because you need to be cautious, doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Attract people with your wit and character and be yourself because you are fabulous!


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