What is the best part of being a Graduate Assistant in the CLDC, you ask? Well, for me, there are many things that make this job great!

Each day is different

Whether I’m working with the Student Ambassador Team, editing content for our leadership workshops, or facilitating a student drop-in, there is never one day that is exactly like another.

I gain a wide range of experience

The experiences I have in the CLDC are a great supplement to my classes in the College Student Personnel program in the Patton School of Education. I get to balance the practical experience of my job at the CLDC with my graduate school classes, giving me invaluable and diverse knowledge.

I get to help students

I have the opportunity to help college students reach their full career and leadership potential through drop-ins for resumes and cover letters, career coaching, and various workshops.

I’ve made great memories

I have had numerous unforgettable experiences, like doing a trust fall off a three-foot-tall platform with my students, going to the NASPA national conference, and attending the graduate assistant retreat at the Lake Hope Lodge. There’s never a dull moment.

There is an amazing work environment and culture.

Most importantly…I get to work alongside a friendly, intelligent, caring, and fun-loving staff.  When I enter the office each day, I know there will be laughs had and support given, ultimately creating life-long friendships!

Two CLDC Graduate Assistants with the CLDC Student Ambassador Team
Two CLDC Graduate Assistants with the CLDC Student Ambassador Team


CLDC Staff
CLDC Staff

By Hannah Muldoon, CLDC Graduate Assistant

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