Year: Senior (in the fall)

Major: Photojournalism with a specialization in media studies and completing my Social Media certificate

Leadership positions and other organizations:

President of Ohio University Multimedia Society (OUMS) , formerly the secretary. Currently an Outreach Leader for the Social Connect Society (SCS). I am also a part of National Press Photographer’s Association of Ohio University (NPPAOU), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and Society of Professional Illustrators (SPI). I have also been a content creator for Project C: Clicking Creates Change and Soul of Athens. (don’t have to add this past stuff but) In the past I was a cast and crew member of the AVW show Friday’s Live for two years and on the Women’s Club Water Polo team for one. 🙂

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader: 

Follow Macy @MacydirienZO on Twitter, or learn more about Ohio University Multimedia Society @ohioums
Follow Macy @MacydirienZO on Twitter, or learn more about Ohio University Multimedia Society @ohioums

I never thought I would become the President of OUMS. When I joined it my freshman year, I sat in the back and took in all of the info about designing and coding websites without making many connections.  Going on my first networking trip to New York City without knowing anyone opened my eyes to the real workforce, taking me in to real offices and connecting me with alumni who are working in amazing places! A group that used to just an hour to talk about multimedia has become a family of hardworking, passionate students. I have loved watching it evolve and can’t wait to take it over and change it for the better even more!

Best memory at OHIO:

You really expect me to pick just ONE? This place has been exactly what I wanted going in to college. Looking back on freshman year gives me butterflies–thinking of back when I got lost at Donkey Coffee thinking I was so far away from campus and everything was foreign and new–I would love to go back to that for just a day. It’s so cliche to say college goes by in a blink, but one day you’ll look back and really wonder how you got this far already. It’s scary, but exciting. Every moment, good or bad, has been memorable to me.

Biggest quirk:

I have enjoyed dabbling in a bunch of areas in Athens. I never thought I would’ve played water polo for a year, and even though I was terrible and a sore sport, it changed me! I love trying new things and have joined a new club or activity every year here. I even accepted a summer internship through past photography subjects! OU is a great place to try a little bit of everything and that’s what I have loved doing my entire time here.

Your role model and why:

My mom and dad have always been the biggest role models in my life. I have always appreciated what they value in life, be it career-wise, relationship-wise, or just basic life stuff! I am lucky to have two loving people to go to for advice–they always have something helpful to say. They have always inspired me!

I am so thankful that they have supported me throughout my college career, even if it means leaving them for the other side of the world for a summer or refusing to leave Athens for another 🙂 Their guidance has shaped me completely.

What makes a leader?

I think a great leader has to have a balance of authority and community. Like servant leadership, I think the leader’s main goal needs to be to serve the group’s needs to make anything effective. In OUMS, the goal is to show our members how to create a professional profile, network with people in their fields and expose them to real offices and businesses. We can’t cater to our group’s interests if we aren’t open in communication and club goals. Having open discussions about companies we want to visit, ways to fundraise and tools that people want to learn help us work in a way that benefits everyone! There is a time and place for authority, but a leader is nothing without their followers!

Favorite quote:

“Hold your head up high.”

It’s from a musical based on the ugly duckling. I have no idea why, but for some reason whenever I’m not feeling the most confident, or I’m unsure of where I am and I can feel people’s eyes on me, I sing it in my head. Just that one line! And it helps!!! Especially in college, I have had some embarrassing or intimidating moments and that quote always makes me put my chin up and walk with confidence, even if I have to fake it a little. 🙂

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