Year: Junior

Major: Communication Studies

Leadership positions and other organizations: President, SAB; Vice President of Planning, BobcaThon; Scripps College of Communication Orientation Leader, Bobcat Student Orientation

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

I think my biggest accomplishment as a student leader has been the opportunity to lead a committee and three project managers in Student Alumni Board. It has been such a blessing to watch other leaders emerge from those positions and see how they take the tasks they need to accomplish and turn them into huge successes that go above and beyond everyone’s expectations!

Best memory at OHIO: 

Want to get involved with BobcaThon @BobcaThon? Follow Kendra @kendrajayee
Want to get involved with BobcaThon @BobcaThon? Follow Kendra @kendrajayee

My best memory at OHIO was by far BobcaThon. We started at 6am as an Executive Board and didn’t end until 1am the following day but it was the most incredible experience. I have never been surrounded by that much positivity for such a long period of time and it was truly humbling and inspiring.

Biggest quirk:

I think my biggest quirk is simply that I’m a nerd – I geek out over the smallest things like an episode of How I Met Your Mother or a really good cup of coffee but it’s those small things that always seem to put a smile on my face!

Your role model and why:

My role model is easily my mother. I’ve met incredible people while being here on campus but I was blessed to be brought up in a home where my mom fueled an amazing career and still made it home every night to put dinner on the table and help me with my math homework. She’s an amazing woman who was able to balance it all and it’s something I strive for everyday!

What makes a leader?

I think a leader is defined by purpose. When someone seeks to serve a group of people not for personal gain but with an intention of serving the greater good, they become more inclusive and create an environment that stimulates inspiration and purpose in those that follow.

Favorite quote:

“A thousand candles can be lit from a single flame; happiness never decreases from being shared.”

– Buddha

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