As someone that strives to be a leader on the daily, I couldn’t recommend leadership coaching enough. This is a series of 3-half-hour sessions with your own personal leadership coach to help you improve two leadership skills of your choice. Ohio University is one of the only universities that offer this program to undergraduate students. OHIO is also one of the only schools that won’t charge their students for it.

Let me walk you through my coaching experience with the wonderful coach, Regina Warfel.

Session One: Getting Acquainted

Coach Regina was super friendly and the first session was all about getting to know me as a person and as a potential leader. She asked what I thought my strengths as a leader were. Then she had me look at a list of leadership characteristics and asked me to define them in my own words…I was not ready for a pop quiz, but a made it through.

Session Two: Let’s Talk Weaknesses

Now it was time to get a little deeper. I found that my strongest leadership quality was interpersonal development, but I was weak with my innovation skills.  I could work on two skills from a list of six. I decided I wanted to strengthen my innovation style as well as get better with problem-solving.

Coach Regina and I powwowed about a situation in which I struggle with the most. Time management is my Achilles heel, by far, so I threw that on my goal list as well with coming up with fun things to do with friends and family besides the usual Netflix and chill kind of night.

Coach Regina assigned me a little homework to bring back with me for the next (and final) meeting.


Session Three: The Outcome

While completing the few assignments, I noticed I had a lot of neat ideas for date nights and family nights with my parents. My task was to come up with some crazy ideas…whatever came to mind. I wrote them on a piece of paper and pitched my ideas to some friends and family…. They all actually really liked my ideas!! Since then, we’ve cooked meals together, gone on picnics, the batting cages, and plan to go to a painting class soon. It turns out we were just in dire need of a change of scenery!

Time management will always be my biggest weakness, but it is a work in progress, nonetheless. I researched some tactics to use time more efficiently and came across some useful tactics! I was excited to report back to Coach Regina with the news. We closed our last session with chatting about other steps I can take in the future and how I can continue to strengthen my weakness and even my strengths.

Leadership coaching is easy to fit in your schedule and you get great results! The people are great to be around and make connections with on campus. If you haven’t ventured to the fifth floor of Baker yet, you are truly missing out.

 By Kelsey Miller, PR Communication Specialist at the Office of Global Opportunities

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