Career & Internship Fair attendees, this is you:

  1. You furiously research employers in attendance, making sure to be prepared with information that’ll entice the ones you’re interested in.
  2. It’s time to get ready, so you furiously look through your closet for a business professional outfit that will make you stand out.
  3. Finally you find an ensemble that makes you look polished and feel confident.
  4. It’s time to go so you strut towards Baker Center like a boss.
  5. The nerves set in as you arrive and are startled to see the crowds of students waiting to get inside.
  6. You enter the ballroom, where what feels like thousands of employers have set up tables, and you frantically search for the ones you’re targeting.
  7. After several minutes of wandering around, you spot the name of an employer you’re interested in and set your sights on them.
  8. You walk up and introduce yourself with a firm handshake, resume in hand, ready to impress.
  9. For a while you repeat this process over and over with different employers until your face hurts from all the smiling and small talk.
  10. Your work there is done and you leave excited, knowing you’ve taken steps towards enhancing your future.

By Anna Seethaler, CLDC Social Media Intern

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