Year: Senior

Major: Journalism – Strategic Communication

Leadership positions and other organizations: 

Follow Malindi @malindix. Get involved with Amplified @AmplifiedOU!
Follow Malindi @malindix. Get involved with Amplified @AmplifiedOU!

President of Amplified Communication,  peer tutor in the AAC, Student Ambassador for Diversity Alumni Advisory Board, African American Male Initiative Committee member, Woman 2 Woman peer mentor

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader: 

Being able to program events that cater to students who had been wanting a specific experience that was not accessible before – like #OHIOCONNECT, being able to innovate

Biggest struggle of leading a new organization:

Building a strong foundation, starting from scratch isn’t easy but I have learned so much during the process.

Best memory at OHIO:

Getting accepted into the J School as a transfer student, I’ll never forget the day I got my letter. I worked very hard for that.

Biggest quirk:

I retain a lot of information, I’m full of random facts & memories

Your role model and why:

My mother, she’s just awesome! She’s my real life Beyonce. She’s beautiful, intelligent, gracious.. and she works hard. She’s everything I hope to be.

What makes a leader?

I think a leader is someone who’s genuinely committed to lifting up everyone around them. It takes a lot of patience & self-control, intuition & foresight, and a great work ethic. You have to be brave enough to trust that people will believe in you & what you’re trying to accomplish, and know you can’t do whatever that is all by yourself.

Favorite quote:

“Ultimate simplicity equals purity.”

– Jiro Ono

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