The Career and Leadership Development Center is proud to announce the opening application of this year’s Pepsi Leadership Scholars program.  This year’s main facilitator, Chelsea von Pagels, has provided us with some insight on what is new with the scholarship and what potential applicants, students, and Ohio Staff can expect from the program and those chosen to be a part of it.

Hi Chelsea, can you begin by telling us what exactly the Pepsi Scholars program is?

Absolutely! The Pepsi Scholars program is a newer leadership program here at OU designed for first year students. This scholarship program is designed to help individuals develop a wide variety of leadership skills and experiences, in addition to receiving a monetary scholarship. As a Pepsi Scholar, students will learn how to establish, empower, effect, and evolve their leadership skills in a way that creates positive change and growth within themselves, others, and society.

What criteria do students need to meet in order to be eligible?

Applicants must…

– Be a first semester freshman at Ohio University

– Be enrolled as a full time student

– Demonstrate financial need

– Maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout the programs entirety

– Be in good standing with the University judicial system at the time of application and remain in good standing during their tenure as a Pepsi Leadership Scholar

– Attend weekly meetings (that will be scheduled based on the award winner’s availability) throughout the academic year

– Attend all retreats during the fall and spring semester

What can students expect to be doing if accepted as a Pepsi Scholar?

As a collective group, each scholar will participate in a number of exciting events. I will be leading weekly meetings which will include numerous discussions and activities including personal development workshops. Students can also expect to participate in several community service events and retreats – including a weekend backpacking trip! All of the activities we do and events we partake in will be fun opportunities for scholars to grow personally and professionally both as an individual and as a team.

Pepsi Scholar students participate in a weekend backpacking trip.
Pepsi Scholar students participate in a weekend backpacking trip.
Students attend the national leadership conference, Lead 365, in Orlando, Florida.
Students attend the national leadership conference, Lead 365, in Orlando, Florida.








How long are awarded participants a part of this program?

Students who are chosen to be a Pepsi Scholar will be active participants and receive a monetary scholarship for a total of one year. This period is the student’s second semester of freshman year (spring semester) and the student’s first semester of sophomore year (fall semester). Once the year is up, it is our goal that those scholars still choose to remain connected as they continue their remaining time here at the University.

How do students apply to be a Pepsi Scholars?

Students can apply to be a Pepsi Scholar by visiting the “Leadership Programs” portion of the Ohio University Career and Leadership Development website or by clicking the following link:

Students will be asked to fill out an online application form and submit a copy of their resume, along with a letter of recommendation, to Bobcat CareerLink. If any student needs assistance using Bobcat CareerLink they can also visit the following site:

Is there a deadline to apply for the program?

Yes! Any interested applicants must submit their online application, resume, and letter of recommendation by October 23rd. Applications will only be accepted and reviewed if ALL of the mentioned materials are submitted before or by that date.

How can students learn more about this program, the scholarship, and/or yourself?

We have several events going on this month and next month for any first-year students who are interested in learning more about the above topics.

  • Pepsi Scholars Information sessions will be held September 23 (8:30 – 9:00pm), October 1 (8:30 – 9:00pm), and October 12 (6:30 – 7:00pm) in the Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center (Room 366 in Baker).and
  • A table on the first floor of Baker will be reserved on Tuesday, September 15 and Tuesday, October 20 from 11:00 – 1:00pm to promote the program and provide any additional information.

If students are unable to stop by any of the opportunities above and have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me at .

Chelsea is a graduate assistant for special projects here at the Career & Leadership Development Center
Chelsea is a graduate assistant for special projects here at the Career & Leadership Development Center

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