What is your role and what are your responsibilities at the CLDC?

Assistant Director for College of Health Sciences and Professions

  • Coach students in development of career and leadership skills
  • Develop and facilitate strategic planning for CHSP Students

What is it like to work at the CLDC? Zach DD

It is a fun atmosphere that gives us the flexibility to come up with creative and new ideas.

What was your first job ever?

I worked at a batting cage and put-put golf course.

What was your best career or leadership experience during college?

Playing baseball in college taught me a lot about what good and bad leadership looked like.  I was able to learn from the guys ahead of me and become the leader to pass what I learned on to new teammates.

How did you find your first job after undergrad?

I went straight to graduate school.

What are you involved in outside of work? Zach and Carli

Not a lot right now. My wife and I just bought a house and that has taken up a good amount of time.  When we aren’t in Athens, we like to spend a lot of time with family in North East Ohio.

What is your favorite place in Athens?

Our new home.

What is the best place you’ve ever traveled? Why?

I have been on eight cruises and have not found a place in the Caribbean that I haven’t liked.

Share something about yourself that might surprise people

It is not a surprise but I have to just say it… Go Browns!!!

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