You Majored in WHAT? Mapping Your Path from CHAOS to CAREER by Katharine Brooks

You Majored In WHAT? by Katharine Brooks creatively articulates a practical and flexible approach to considering your future. The book progressively guides you through an evaluation of your past, present, and future “possible lives” via the use of hands-on activities and the guidance of insightful, reflective questions. Based on Career Chaos theory, which takes into consideration the many unpredictable factors that influence the trajectory of your career (not to mention your life), it offers a refreshing perspective on the processes of identifying passions and interests, key strengths and skills, career dreams, and creating flexible plans to achieve your goals. Brooks then applies the same creative techniques and activities to the job search – resume and cover letter writing, interview prep, and a process she refers to as “experimental wanderings,” involving everything from researching fields and jobs of interest from your laptop to joining clubs or to traveling abroad. Primarily geared toward college students, the lessons and activities can easily be adapted to meet the needs of any person, at any point in life. Let’s be honest, the chaos of career remains with you throughout your career (and life), and the prospect of your many “possible lives” is a driving force in your evolution as a professional. You Majored in WHAT is a quick, manageable read that functions as a workbook that can easily be tailored to the preferences and needs of each individual reader.

Reviewed by Erika Peyton, CLDC Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Marketing

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