As the summer months approach, we all begin to think about sunshine, warm temperatures, and vacations. While I enjoy all of those things, the idea of wearing a button front shirt and tie in 90° weather makes me want to vomit. Wearing professional attire during the summer has always been a battle for me. I look to my female counterparts in envy while they wear sleeveless tops, cropped pants or skirts and dress sandals. So, how can men stay cool, but professional during the summer months? Here are some quick tips for staying cool in the office this summer.

Light Colors

Try adding light colored suits or separates to your summer professional wardrobe. Light reacts to colors in different ways, depending on how much it’s absorbed or reflected.

Wearing lighter colors during the summer will help keep you cool, as the light will reflect off and retain less suit

Cool Comfortable Fabrics

Wearing breathable light fabrics will help keep you cool on those scorching summer days. Natural fibers, like cotton or linen, are a good option because they offer breathability, temperature regulation, durability, water absorption, and antimicrobial properties. While I prefer natural fibers, man-made fabrics can also help keep you cool during the summer. Moisture-wicking fabric is designed to pull moisture from the body and be absorbed in the inner layers. Brands like Lululemon and Under Armour offer casual pants with this cooling technology.ABC pants

Choose the right shoes

During the summer men generally don’t have as many footwear options as our female officemates, who can wear dressy sandals or open-toed shoes to work. Try a sockless shoe option, like boat shoes, moccasins, Italian loafers or the ever-popular Toms.


By Aaron Sturgill, CLDC Associate Director for Employer Relations

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