If you’ve met with a Career or Leadership Coach or participated in a Mock Interview in the Career & Leadership Development Center (CLDC) during the past year, you may have been asked to share your feedback through a survey. If you had the opportunity to complete a survey after one of these sessions, you should consider yourself lucky. “Lucky?!” You may be thinking. “How is being asked to fill out a survey lucky?” Here are the top five reasons you should feel your time was well spent:

1. You may win a prize and you’ll have a chance to express yourself

And the winner is…

If you’ve completed follow-up surveys for the CLDC, you’ve had a chance to win an iPad mini, mini Keurig, padfolio, Roku, or Chrome Cast.

And don’t forget the sheer satisfaction of expressing your opinion.

2. Our services may improve in ways that better meet your needs

Your feedback helps us identify specific changes to the process that improve your experience. For instance, student feedback inspired us to introduce preparation tips prior to each Mock Interview appointment so that students would be better prepared.opinion-poll-comic

3. Your Career or Leadership Coach can get even better at their job

Your Career or Leadership Coach thrives off of your honest feedback. Rest assured your coach won’t know your individual responses, but the grouped results they receive will be a valuable opportunity to improve professionally. Each coach will receive a personalized report that breaks down how comfortable, supported, focused and empowered they made their students feel. They’ll know what their students learned from the experience, how motivated they feel, and whether they actually took action toward their goals.

Your coach can use this feedback to create personal goals of their own and develop new and better techniques for future sessions.

4. We can showcase our work and highlight Ohio University accomplishments

Highlighting the volume of students that use our office, their reported benefits, and how that translates into important outcomes such as job placement and career satisfaction will allow us to broadcast our accomplishments and demonstrate how Bobcats are thriving.

5. The field of career and leadership development may be advanced

We can use your direct feedback to identify specific practices as highly effective. Best practices can be published and adopted by career offices across the country.

Similarly, if we can show that innovative programs such as Leadership Coaching have a meaningful and unique impact on students, it can spread to other colleges and universities.

By Regina Warfel, CLDC Research and Assessment Analyst

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