Major: Sophomore

Major: Pre-Bachelor of Specialized Studies

Leadership positions:

  • Student Ambassador for the CLDC
  • Fundraising Chair for Synchronized Swimming

Greatest Accomplishment:

A couple years ago, I planned a charity 5k to benefit community hunger. It didn’t go perfectly, but I was able to donate about $900 to WARM (Westerville Area Resource Ministry)

I also completed a marathon and fundraised for Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Favorite Memory at OHIO:

Ghost hunting at The Ridges during a quest to see the Northern Lights with my friend, Megan Hopp

Biggest quirk: If you get me laughing, someone would likely ask if a hyena is in the room. I snort.

Your role model and why:

The Pope because he lives an honorable life and most people could learn a lot about compassion from him.

How would you define a leader?

A leader, in my opinion, is someone who’s able to provide guidance during uncertainty, serve others at all times, and also have the humility to laugh at his or herself frequently.

What qualities would a good CLDC ambassador possess?

A good ambassador would have a positive demeanor, intelligent disposition, and the ability to ask questions when they don’t know the answer (because this happens a lot!)

Favorite quote:

“Those who persevere are those who stay at the top get the most out of life” –and old swim coach

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