“Ha, you’re majoring in what? What can you even do with that degree?”

Liberal arts majors: raise your hand if you’ve ever had an interaction similar to the above statement with someone. Odds are, quite a few of you have. What was your answer to this narrow-minded question?

I hope it was something like this:

Jessie is the Assistant Director for the CLDC for the College of Arts & Sciences

“What can I do with my major? I think you mean to ask what can’t I do with my major!” {commence high fives and general excitement-sharing because your major is so AWESOME}

Seriously, though. Liberal arts majors are arguably the most diverse group of graduates, heading on to their next grand adventure after college years stocked full of transferable skills thanks to their education. This range of skills and academic knowledge is what employers actively seek in their candidates, so liberal arts majors are therefore presented with a plethora of opportunities. The real challenge is figuring out which path to head down, so keep the following facts in mind when you’re thinking about what you’re gaining from a liberal arts degree.

1. You’ve got so many skills; ALL of the skills.

Seriously, though – think about the courses you’ve taken thus far, and the assignments, projects, and readings you’ve completed. Because of these, you’re able to think critically; appreciate diverse cultures; understand the importance of serving others; recognize ethical issues; read critically; analyze; etc.

2. You’re prepared for the unknown.

Please refer to #1. Reread all of the skills you, as a liberal arts major, possess. What do you think you can do with all of these? Literally, anything you set your mind to! No matter what complicated issue you encounter in your future career, you are prepared with a set of transferable skills to equip you for anything. Challenge: accepted.

3. You can be flexible.

As a liberal arts major, you are constantly bombarded with a variety of subjects, and this has trained your brain to change direction and accommodate new information in an instant. Why is this important? Employers actively seek employees who are well-rounded. No major guarantees a person a job; the successful candidate must be able to articulate their skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. With the variety of

courses you’ve had access to, you’re automatically going to be seen as someone who is intellectually curious and who likely has a diverse array of knowledge and skills.

Remember: your liberal arts major is just a sliver of what makes you uniquely you. Your interests, hobbies, and passions can only be amplified by the major that you choose, so spend these years here at OHIO wisely, and take advantage of the resources that surround you. Consider adding a minor or check out a certificate to add more breadth and diversity to your studies. Be one of the first students to participate in an A&S theme, and use this opportunity to your advantage when speaking about your liberal arts background in an interview. Take ownership of your interests and be proud of your accomplishments, and, above all, recognize that the degree you are pursuing has meaning and value as you prepare for your future.

By Jessie Carter, CLDC Graduate Assistant for the College of Arts and Sciences

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