Senior Journalism Major

Leadership positions and organizations that you are involved in:

  • President of Student Alumni Board
  • Morale Captain for BobcaThon
  • Member of Advisory Council of Student Leaders
  • Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for Ohio University Transportation ServicesRachel sharkey

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

As a student leader, I have faced a year of change within Student Alumni Board. I wanted to make sure I could look back on my time as President and know I made significant contributions. I want to know that I leave the organization better than I found it. That being said, I have remodeled our office in the Konneker Alumni Center to make it a corner of campus that our members feel they can go and study, relax, and take a deep breath from their busy lives.

Also, I have constructed a Code of Ethics for our organization to hold its members accountable to. I want to make sure we feel as if we are a united family under one (new!) roof!

Best memory at OHIO:

The moment I learned I had received my first internship. I was in my beloved Treudley Hall on West Green. I was getting ready to go out with my closest girlfriends and told them the news with tears in my eyes. We turned on our favorite awful girly pop song and just jumped around and danced. We didn’t care who walked by or what was going on in the world around us. We just laughed and screamed the lyrics. It was such a perfect moment. These small, snapshots of pure happiness surrounded by the best friends this place has given me are what I will take with me after the dreaded “G-word.”

Biggest quirk:

I have a deep, passionate love for very strange things like sloths, dinosaurs, airplanes, and denim-on-denim.

Your role model and why:

My role model is our SAB advisor, Katrina Heilmeier. This woman is incredible. She is intelligent, resilient, graceful, authentic, and a constant reminder that we should treasure life and the people in it. I always strive to make her prOUd!

What makes a leader?

I think being a leader has nothing to do with a title we are given. Being a leader is having the courage to explore opportunities, situations, and conflicts when others may be scared or fearful of them. Being a leader is making the ordinary extraordinary and teaching those around you how to do the same.

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