The 21st Century Leadership Series is a certificate bearing series, which contains 7 different workshops that focus on everything from understanding how teams develop to how to collaborate with cultures different than your own. Throughout these workshops, there are lessons on professionalism, branding, ethics, emotional intelligence, how to work through confusion and cultural competency that can be used in everyday life. Below are four important lessons from the series that any student could use in their daily life.

  • Professionalism and Networking hold great information about networking that is important to remember whenever networking.
    • Always shake hands firmly.
    • Wear your name tag on the right side.
    • Listen more than you speak.
    • Be prepared and know what to say about yourself when they ask about you.

      Hannah is a grad student at the CLDC. Stop in and talk to her about grad school life or #21CLS!
    • Follow up and say thank you.
  • When focusing on how to promote your leadership brand, Leadership Branding describes the four key components for building your brand.
    • Whenever building your brand, make sure it differentiates itself from others. Play on your strengths to show what makes you different than others.
    • Make sure to display consistency as much as possible, so that way people can always know what they can expect from you which can help build trust.
    • Create your brand so that it is always clear to others what you stand for.
    • Lastly, make sure your brand is authentic so that people can trust your brand.
  • Working with others can sometimes cause emotions to rise to the surface; Emotional Intelligence discusses how to work with them in a productive manner.
    • Self-Management is an important part of Emotional Intelligence. This means that you have the ability to recognize your emotions as they are happening and address them appropriately.
    • Self-management can be accomplished through assuming responsibilities for your actions, taking a deep breath, and setting aside time to cool down later.
  • Embracing Change & Confusion can help you feel better if you are ever confused and can help you discover how to work through being confused.
    • Confusion is not a weakness and it can occur in any setting, so when it happens, do not feel alone.
    • Confusion is an emotional response, which can be mastered if you can control how you react to it.

These are just four lessons from the 21st Century Leadership Series that can be used every day, but there are much more. If you are interested in our workshops come out to the weekend series this weekend! It begins Saturday, March 14 at 11:00 a.m. in the Amanda J. Cunningham Center in Baker University Center and gives you the opportunity to receive the certificate in one weekend. We also host the workshops every Tuesday and Wednesday of the semester. Click here for more in-depth descriptions of the workshops and dates they are offered. Hope to see you at a 21st Century Leadership Series workshop soon!

By Hannah Muldoon

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