Year: Senior
Major: News and Information Journalism with Specializations in Political Science and African American Studies
Leadership positions and organizations that you are involved in:
  • President of Black Student Union
  • Associate Editor of FANGLE magazine
  • Lab Assistant in Scripps Hall/Academic Advancement Center

    Interested in the Black Student Union or FANGLE? Follow Adrienne at @AdrienneNGreen!

Biggest accomplishment as a student leader:

Watching the people on my executive boards become more confident in their positions. I want to be the kind of leader that allows people to be the best in their individual roles.

Best memory at OHIO:

I gave a speech to incoming freshmen at a new students event. In addition to getting praise for the speech, I love that it gave me a chance to reflect on why I love this university so much. I got to talk about how everything OHIO has given me and everything I’ve given it has made my last four years worthwhile. It reminded me that this is home!

Biggest quirk:

 I love to break into random raps and dances, and my friends hate me for it!

Your role model and why:

My role model is my mother because she showed me what versatility and strength look like. She conquers and achieves new things every day and that’s exactly the woman I want to be.

Favorite quote:

It’s not about gazing upon new landscapes, but seeing through new eyes that makes the difference.

Have you used the CLDC services?

I have definitely used the CLDC’s services before. They helped me write my cover letter and resume that I sent in to receive my internship at NBC during my sophomore year. As a senior who is job searching their help has been extremely valuable in my efforts to seek employment, especially the advice of Kimberly Blue, who has spoken at many events that I have attended.

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